Welcome to the Electronic Health Authority 2020

Welcome to the Electronic Health Authority 2020

Move and co-ordinate the government's initiatives when it involves electronic health that we work to enhance the health, information, and care of data.

A better supply and health with electronic health

Much went on recently within the health sector. We are currently using electronic prescriptions and journals and that we have decided to go to the doctor on the web. the problems are all electronic health games.
Welcome to the Electronic Health Authority 2020

There are different meanings of electronic wellbeing, however, we utilize the meaning of wellbeing and prosperity: "Well, physical, clairvoyant, and social disappointment has been to utilize advanced gadgets to encourage  and keep healthiness ."

Here are a couple of electronic health plays:

Electronic medicines - medicines that a specialist, cricketer or veterinarian sends electronically to the state solution register. We bear this responsibility for this Registrar. All Swedish registrations receive information from our databases to submit the recipes. Health

Electronic Services - Set time at doctor on the web, online publications, KBT on the web, send a translator.

Technical support for the health sector - for instance, the opt-in using EES (electronic expert support) are often checked to ascertain if your medicines are often mixed.

Medicinal services applications, movement arm ornaments, and social insurance experts are monitoring how your wellbeing is being created.
Medical Procedures - These are utilized in operations, like heart-beating, and security-alarms.

What can we do?

Our technology and digitalization technology may be a great asset to our ideas. we would like to form sure that these adults are ready to improve their health for each homeowner.

The goal of our work is to:

1. We conduct, coordinate and collaborate

Working with electronic health may be a problem for a few. one of our most vital excuses is to steer the event of Swedish electro-health. We work to guard issues and make far better information on health, incense and care.

2. We create structures and develop tools.

We develop the infrastructure that connects the healthcare sector with the residents and confirm it's a catalytic one. We are, for instance, liable for the electronic prescriptions in Sweden. Through our work, we support an efficient and safe medical information.

3. We service

We likewise give you administrations and items that make work, wellbeing and security simpler. you furthermore may have electronic services for you.

Medicine Control

Do you want to understand more about your prescriptions and already knowledgeable medicines? Utilizations you're electronic distinguishing proof and logs in to the medication control. it's an electronic service from Hungary that gives you with information:

- Your recipes,

- The medicines you've got already received

- what proportion medicine you've got to shop for the high-cost sheets to use to you.

You can likewise download your data from drug registers. Parents also can see the recipes of their 12-year-old children. you'll also see the recipes of your beast.

You sign in to the administration by utilizing your electronic distinguishing proof. you'll also get excerpts from some registers by sending us a formula.

Well on behalf of me

Every man in Sweden who for about 18 years has the chance to open a private health account. Well, for me, it's such a private health account where you'll register and review your advertising health information. you'll still examine the service and log in with electronic identification on

(We will open the service to the general public 2016)

Check your medicines with the EEA
Electronic expert support, EES, helps the opticians check you're medicines once you receive them.

My alerts

If you're a writer, you'll only order different reps and review their own passwords through my instructions. One also can use the service if you're a master within the health sector.

We even have electronic services that make it easy to make your own tabs, and Diagonals for this are sold by medicines in Sweden.

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