Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..? | Fitness Tips

Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..?  | Fitness Tips 

Slimming diets are still associated with many austerities. However, the modern approach to diets makes slimming more pleasant. Today, one should rather talk about changing the whole lifestyle. A diet based on the principles of healthy eating and daily physical activity is becoming more and more common. For many people this is the only chance for health and good looks.
Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..?  | Fitness Tips

The weight-loss diet has been the number one topic for both women and men for a long time. Today, we have a huge selection of various diets and diets to help us lose weight and stay healthy. Some of them are very restrictive, others short, lasting up to 7 days, and still others urge us to eliminate entire groups of products. What to choose? What slimming diet will actually help us lose weight?

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Slimming diet is associated with sacrifices and giving up our favorite delicacies. Unfortunately, this is often necessary. Our nutritional errors related to the quality and quantity of food are responsible for our overweight. There are empty calories here, by which we are simply tying and we are still hungry. When we go on a slimming diet, it is necessary to cut the amount of calories consumed. The right calculators will help us calculate total metabolism (CPM). From this standard, it is enough to subtract part of the calories, and the kilograms themselves will start to fall.

Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..?  | Fitness Tips


Knowing the amount of our energy needs, we can start to lay down a slimming diet. A well-balanced diet should contain the right amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins). Carbohydrates as the main source of energy should account for approx. 50-60% of energy. Their source should be wholegrain products as well as fruits and vegetables. Fat in the diet should satisfy about 25% of energy demand. However, you should choose good quality fats, like olive oil, butter and cold pressed oils. However, it should be remembered that the source of fat will also be meat, sausages and fish. However, an average of 0.9 g of protein should be provided per kg of body weight for an adult. In addition, the diet should be eaten more often, but in smaller portions, preferably 4-5 times a day every 3-4 hours.

Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..?  | Fitness Tips

The slimming diet should be very diverse and rich in nutritional values. Therefore, let us choose products full of vitamins and minerals. So let's reach for fruit, vegetables, skim fish, skinny dairy products, whole grains, and juices and soda drinks replaced with water. Unfortunately, it is best to give up alcohol, sweets and junk food for the duration of weight loss. For balance, you can enter the so-called diet once a week. cheat meal - a meal at which time we eat what we like the most, such as pizzas. As a result, we will be more motivated to comply with the principles of healthy eating.


Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..?  | Fitness Tips

Fortunately, the times of "miracle diets" are slowly falling into oblivion. Public awareness of what harms us and what serves our health and figure is growing. This is also evident in the trends that prevail among weight loss diets. More and more new diets are based simply on the principles of healthy eating. What is very important today's slimming diets encourage a constant change in eating habits and lifestyle, and thus also include the introduction of daily physical activity. The most popular slimming diets, which can be considered well composed, include:

Mediterranean diet
South Beach diet
DASH diet
Mayo Clinic diet
TLC diet - little known in Poland. Its main goal is to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. The diet involves changes in diet, weight loss, physical activity and quitting smoking.


Slimming Diet - How to Lose Weight Wisely..?  | Fitness Tips

The slimming diet does not have to be a path through torment. The more we have to control, the less chances we will persevere and we will lose weight. Unfortunately, most diets are still a long list of prohibitions and restrictions. Thanks to such diets, we will lose weight quickly, but soon they may return to us with a vengeance, because we will want to "reward" those days full of sacrifices.
Remember that for our health good gradual decrease in body fat, and if we lose more than 1 kg of body weight per week, it means that we also burn the muscles. Restrictive slimming diets also have a negative impact on our kidneys, liver and bone condition. Slimming diets to avoid are:

Dunkan diet
Atkins diet
the Copenhagen diet
military diet
monocomponent diet
"bite and spit" diets
intermittent posts (eg version 5: 2, where we eat 5 days normally, then 2 days fast and limit food to 500-600 kcal per day).

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