How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

Eating within the hot months has certain specificities resulting from the specificities of summer. Due to the upper air temperature and lower humidity, the physical body is more congested, so more consideration should tend to the proper choice of food and liquids.

Summer Principles

The main emphasis should be placed on the proper drinking regime and "lighter" food (with lower energy value, foods with higher digestibility) within the summer months.

How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

It is also necessary to pay increasing attention to the application of hygiene principles in the preparation, storage and handling of food and food, whether in the home or in mass caterers. Their compliance significantly reduces the risk of their contamination by microorganisms and consequently disease.

Particularly important in the case of so-called. epidemiologically risky foods such as e.g. baby and baby food, delicatessen, confectionery, ice cream.

Beware of food abroad!

Since summer may be a season during which people visit the southern seaside and exotic destinations, it's important to respect certain principles in terms of preventing gastroenterological diseases and preventing food diseases:

How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

Avoid (at least initially) raw vegetables, salads and fruit that cannot be peeled off. Eat only fruits and vegetables in the skin, after cleansing and washing.
Use only drinking water to drink, do not drink water from other sources (find out before traveling if tap water is drinking in the country, if not, do not use it for drinking, cooking, or washing teeth and use only bottled drinking water for this purpose water).
Use ice for beverages as long as it's certain from what water it's made.
Do not consume meat, egg, poorly cooked.
It isn't prescribed to expend nourishments that are excessively not quite the same as our eating routine since stomach related issues may happen.
It is not recommended to eat foods prepared at local marketplaces, because the level of food preparation is lower.
Consider excessive intake of spicy foods that can also cause digestive problems.

Drinking regime during the summer.

Drink at least 3 liters of liquids daily (of course, in case of larger fluid losses by sweating it is necessary to increase their intake adequately, but at the same time take into account the possible diagnosis of the person - especially cardiovascular, kidney, metabolic diseases.
How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

Liquids should be topped up especially by consuming soft drinks, but remember that liquids (especially fruits, vegetables, soups) also are present in other foods.

It is preferable to drink continuously smaller amounts of fluids than larger amounts of beverages and also not very cold beverages. The best liquids for thirst-quenching are water, herbal and fruit teas, mineral waters, diluted fruit juices. Drinking fruit drinks (juices, nectars) in large quantities is not suitable for a relatively high content of simple sugars, which increases both their caloric value and the excretion of water from the body. varied.

Reduce the drinking of coffee that has a dehydrating effect, or consume it with a soft drink to compensate for the loss of fluid due to the diuretic effect of the coffee. Also, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

The principles of eating and selecting food within the summer

Diet should be easier to digest within the summer months, with a lower energy value (because within the summer, for instance, the body doesn't get to generate heat as much as in the winter months), it must also provide enough nutrients. 
How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

The composition should be balanced and varied - plenty of wholegrain products, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry, potatoes and legumes, fewer foods and foods rich in fats (especially saturated) and simple carbohydrates.

It should contain enough fruits and vegetables (especially seasonal), which in addition to liquids contain several valuable nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, enzymes, fiber.

Vitamins A (or beta-carotene-provitamin A), C and E. Vitamin A is found e.g. in carrots, tomatoes, raspberries, apricots, butter or fish. Vitamin C in fruits (blackcurrants, strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries), vegetables (peppers, cauliflower, tusk, kohlrabi, tomatoes), potatoes and vitamin E in vegetable fats and oils, vegetables, nuts, germs. Lycopene (tomatoes, red melon) is also a very effective antioxidant.  Healthy life

High summer temperatures cause increased water losses from the body, especially by sweating, which is additionally related to the loss of minerals (especially sodium). Losses of liquids and minerals need to be replaced by a proper drinking regimen and the consumption of a balanced diet.

Restrict consumption of so-called. especially epidemiologically risky foodstuffs, unless sufficient hygiene is guaranteed in their manufacture, storage and handling (ice cream, delicatessen, confectionery, food for infants and children). Also, eat meat, egg and milk products merely enough. 

How To Eat During the Summer.? Health 2020

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