Healthy Living Is Easy To Do Anyone, Try It...! | Healthy Life 2019


Basically everyone will want to have a healthy body, but along with the times and busyness, sometimes we forget to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain health. As a result, we become infected with various diseases and often the disease is a serious disease.
Healthy Living Is Easy To Do Anyone, Try It...! | Healthy Life 2019

If we have had an illness, there will be many troublesome things. We have to spend a budget to go to the doctor and buy medicine, our activities become delayed, and we will bother other people because we definitely need help so they have to take care of us. This is only part of the number of hassles that occur when we are sick. To avoid this, the easiest thing we can do is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding a Healthy Lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle is someone's effort to keep his body healthy. A healthy lifestyle can be done by eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest.

Most of us think that a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle that is difficult to live. But actually, there are many easy ways to keep ourselves healthy.

Below are some tips on healthy lifestyle that are easy to do and will certainly help you to be healthier.

healthy food

1. Healthy Lifestyle by Eating Nutritious Foods
Food is one of the main factors in healthy living. You can replace your food by eating foods that are full of nutrients such as low sugar, rich in fiber, and lots of vitamins. Nutritious food will help to make your body healthier. Avoid fatty foods and foods that contain preservatives because they can be harmful to the body.
Healthy Living Is Easy To Do Anyone, Try It...! | Healthy Life 2019

Expand vegetables and fruits, it's good to consume five to six servings every day. If you feel too much, you can start by consuming one serving every day, then in one week you add one more portion. You can process it into smoothies by mixing several types of fruits and vegetables. You can also turn it into a healthy bowl by adding topping to pieces of fruit or seeds in your healthy bowl.

healthy exercise

2. Increase Sports
Routine exercise is not only part of the healthy lifestyle of people who have young age. Sports is an important activity. Whatever your age, try to stay physically active. Many people think that exercise is a tiring activity, so it's not surprising that nowadays more and more people are lazy to exercise.
Healthy Living Is Easy To Do Anyone, Try It...! | Healthy Life 2019

Even though exercise has many benefits for our health. Sports can also help us to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are not used to exercise, you can start with a small exercise such as warming up in the morning after waking up or jogging around the house. You can also use your hobby as a fun weekly sport. Examples are aerobics, zumba, futsal, basketball, cycling, swimming, table tennis, and much more. You can do these activities with family and relatives to make it more enjoyable.

enough rest

3. Sufficient Rest
Adequate rest is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. The need for rest and sleep for each individual varies according to the stage of development of the activities undertaken. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that young adults (18-25 years) need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. People who do not have enough sleep have the potential to be exposed to deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.
Healthy Living Is Easy To Do Anyone, Try It...! | Healthy Life 2019

Having less sleep is also equivalent to consuming poisons or undergoing a poor diet. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, try to always rest and sleep enough.

But make no mistake, excessive sleep is also not good and of course harmful. According to the study, sleeping more than eight hours can consistently reduce one's concentration level.

Apart from keeping the body in shape, sleep can help you to form a proportional body. Sleeping in a good position can also stimulate creativity and improve memory. So set your sleep hours to be able to get effective sleep and healthy life.

drink a lot of water

4. Expand Drinking Water And Brush Your Teeth Regularly
Many people ignore their oral health. Usually this is only noticed if they experience toothache or bad smell in the mouth. Though oral health is very closely related to the fitness of our bodies. Why? Because the mouth is a place where bacteria easily multiply because of their moist condition. So if the bacteria in the mouth is left, it can have a negative impact on the health of the body.

So, keep oral hygiene well. Drink plenty of water to provoke a lot of saliva production. In addition, brush your teeth regularly, especially after eating and before going to bed, and diligently gargle. These two activities are activities that we do every day and do not require much time.

positive thinking

5. Positive Thinking
Psychologically, positive thinking is a thinking activity carried out with the aim of generating positive aspects of oneself, both in the form of potential, enthusiasm, determination, and self-confidence so as to create feelings, behaviors, and good things that become systems of thinking.
Healthy Living Is Easy To Do Anyone, Try It...! | Healthy Life 2019

Researchers have found the benefits of positive thinking for health. One of the benefits of thinking positively is helping to build up the immune system. Positive thinking can not only maintain the body's condition to stay healthy, but also can show the influence of a person's overall condition so that it can prolong life.

A person with positive thoughts will feel happier and this can trigger you to become a more productive person.

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