Health and healthy Life 2019

Health and healthy Life 2019

Tips for a healthy and quality life
By following some simple rules you will make your life much more quality and healthier even after thirteen: more movement, less abundant food, the consumption of vitamins and minerals, less stress and more rest are simple things that work for your health.
Health and healthy Life 2019

healthy lifeHealth after thirties
They say that physical and mental capacity is the highest in twenty-five years, and that this level is kept up to the thirties. Then it goes down, each year by 1.5 percent. In ten years it is reduced by 15 percent. But not everything is so black. In the seventies you can still be mentally so chi and physically vital as a twenty-five year old. With the help of simple rules, it is much easier to maintain your health, vitality and strength - in short, you live a healthier life.

Regular exercise and exercise
Stress stimulates secretion of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. If we are constantly stressed, the body eliminates the above mentioned hormones, so the cells retain fat, no matter how strict a diet we have. Every day we afford 20 minutes of relaxation. We can try yoga, go for a walk or dive into a sparkling bath.
Health and healthy Life 2019

By regular exercise to better metabolism
Regular strength training can increase the rate of metabolism at rest (ie calorie consumption when nothing is done) from 6.8 percent to 7.8 percent. This means that an average large woman who strengthens her muscles by lifting weights will consume 100 calories more per day. In order to stimulate the metabolism, it takes 15 minutes of exercise to boost strength per week. But without worry, in this way, we will not become muscular, we will only strengthen our muscles on our hands
and feet. We can practice at home, but we can also help with bottles of water.

healthy Life 2019

Enough of rest and sleep
A person needs sleep necessarily because of the regular rhythm of rest and activity determined by changing the light and darkness, because it restores our energy, preserves the power to work and has a positive effect on our health. At night, the number of defense cells increases in the body, protecting us from bacteria and viruses and from cancer. In a deep, healthy sleep, our immune system accumulates the power it needs in the day.
Health and healthy Life 2019

There is a lack of sleep. At night, the man shook off the stress that he had accumulated in the day. If you do not sleep or sleep a little and bad, and if it takes longer. The stress hormone cortisol tells the body that it is in danger and is "instructed" to redistribute the fat cells.

Enjoy antioxidants for health
Antioxidants are vitamins and flavonoids that protect cells from free radicals. Free radicals promote cell degradation and accelerate aging, and age-related illnesses and problems.

Many antioxidants contain dark green, yellow, red and orange vegetables and fruits. It contains carotenoids - provitamin vitamin A, an antioxidant that enhances vision, smooths the skin, and strengthens the body's ability to defend against UV rays. Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are used in combat with signs of aging.

Tomato contains a lot of lycopene, which reduces the risk of heart disease and is excellent for health. Grapes, especially dark varieties, contain as many as 20 types of known antioxidants, including those that preserve solid skin.

Detoxification of the organism - fasting
Health and healthy Life 2019
The doctors provided a simple, comprehensible explanation for the mystery of the rejuvenating effect of the post. We only know that we are dealing only with what we sing. We also know that one food is more frozen than others, which depends on both eating habits and metabolism. When the body does not get the proper food, the most important is the lack of protein and fat, and it needs to store the stocks for its operation, so it begins to digest its own tissue. Here, however, lies the essence of the healing and rejuvenating effect of suffering (fasting) - the body first deals with sick, old, injured and dead cells. During the body, the body first burns waste.

Vegetable JuicesHard Juices

By consuming selected fruit and herbal juices, we can effectively promote the formation of new and healthy cells among honesty. Lungs, liver, kidneys and our highest organs of the skin accelerate and take care that the increased amount of waste and toxins is eliminated as soon as possible from the body (as they usually consume digestion). Physicians have measured that the concentration of toxins in the urine may be ten times higher than normal, even when being fair.
Health and healthy Life 2019

Some basic rules of healthy eating
Fried and roasted food. Avoid frying and baked foods. Both creates an internal overheating of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, which can cause disorders in the functioning of these organs.

Frosty food and drink. Avoid cold, frozen and iced foods and drinks. The stomach works better when the food we eat is not cold.

Unwanted foods. Take as much food as possible from the following list: coffee, alcohol, teas (except green tea), sugar (cancerous cells love sugar), white flour, white rice, milk and milk.

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