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Most people forget about preventive medical examinations quickly, but they are sometimes vital. Therefore: just as you plan to visit a hairdresser, cosmetologist and cinema, you should also include preventive examinations in your diary by a general practitioner or specialist. Especially the next eight.
General Health Overviews to Be Carefully Women | Healthy Life

Measurement of cholesterol in the blood

Why? An elevated amount of bad cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and a stroke or heart attack. Elevated cholesterol can be genetically conditioned or results in an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, obesity. It can also be present in those who do not have a problem with kilograms.

How often? Elevated cholesterol can be detected timely only by blood tests that should be performed every five years.

Pay attention to your bowels

Why? If you think that you have symptoms of celiac disease, you are allergic to gluten, you notice symptoms of irritable bowel, you are often tired or you lose weight in spite of the right amount of food, tell your doctor. If you have an irritable bowel syndrome in your family history, do a test with your doctor no matter what symptoms you have.
General Health Overviews to Be Carefully Women | Healthy Life

How often? If any problem is detected, the tests should be done once and then follow the guidelines for a diagnosis of a suitable diet.

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Cervical smear

Why? With it, it is possible to detect changes in cervical cells that, if left unguarded, can progress into cancer on the body. Timely detection and treatment of cellular changes in 75% of cases prevent this malignant disease.

How often? Women aged 25 to 49 should perform tests every three years. Women under the age of 25 who have a painful sexual intercourse should inform their gynecologist about this. The best time to visit is in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Overview of pigment stains

Why? Early detection of anomalies can prevent skin cancer. Self-examination should be carried out every three months. In this regard, pay attention to all asymmetric stains, to those whose edge is not level but irregular and serrated, changes in the color of signs, the diameter of these (greater than seven millimeters?) And all possible changes. If you notice them, tell your doctor immediately.

Measuring sugar in the blood

Why? In particular, if some symptoms are present: often performing a small need, feeling thirsty, unexplained loss of weight and fatigue, perform a test with your doctor to confirm or deny the possibility that you have too much sugar in your blood.
General Health Overviews to Be Carefully Women | Healthy Life

How often? Diabetes can occur in any lifetime if there are no marked symptoms, no tests are needed, if they occur, you should do so in the shortest possible time.
Sexually transmitted disease test

Why? Sexually active women should be tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases, as many of them have no marked symptoms, but leave no lasting consequences on treatment.
General Health Overviews to Be Carefully Women | Healthy Life

How often? If you frequently change partners, every month. If you are in a monogamous relationship, the tests should be carried out by both partners at the beginning of the relationship. If you notice unusual discharge, discomfort, pain, abdominal pressure, or flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor.

Breast examination

Why? The infants are changing during the cycle, but if these changes are unexplained and unusual, visit your doctor.

How often? Check them yourself regularly, once a month, when they are least tense and sensitive. Mammography in younger women who have no problems and who do not have breast cancer in the family is not recommended because because of the breast density and high percentage of glandular tissues, early cancerous changes can not be detected. After 50 years of age, examinations are recommended every two years.
General Health Overviews to Be Carefully Women | Healthy Life

Blood pressure monitoring

Why? High blood pressure is justifiably referred to as a silent killer, as it significantly burdens the heart and blood vessels. Especially if you are present in the family, you are overweight or drink plenty of alcohol, check it regularly, and regulate it with an appropriate lifestyle.

How often? Every five years or more often, if you are often accompanied by nausea, dizziness and blurred vision.

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