Castor Oil: Benefits and Uses | Beauty Tips 2019

Castor Oil: Benefits and Uses | Beauty Tips 2019

Castor oil is used in the cosmetics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the manufacture of paints or plastics.

Originally from Africa and India, castor oil has gained popularity worldwide due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and not only. Castor oil is used to treat diseases, but also for the beauty of the skin, hair and nails.
Castor Oil: Benefits and Uses | Beauty Tips 2019

In antiquity, Egyptians, Chinese and Persians used castor oil to ignite lamps, but also as balm or ointment. Then in the Middle Ages castor oil has reached the European continent, where it was used as a remedy for skin problems.

Beauty Tips

Cosmetic benefits of castor oil

Skin inflammation - Whether it's sunburn, acne or dry skin, castor oil calms inflammation from the skin. All you have to do is apply castor oil to the affected skin, then let it act for an hour and rinse with warm water after. Anti-inflammatory and healing properties of castor oil will quickly solve the problem.
Castor Oil: Benefits and Uses | Beauty Tips 2019

Acne - If you suffer from acne, you already know that oils can block your pores and should be avoided. Well, this is not the case with castor oil, which is beneficial for acne. Wash your face with warm water to stimulate pore opening, then massage your face with castor oil using circular motions.

Let this castor oil act overnight, and in the morning rinse the face with cold water. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil eliminates bacteria that favor the appearance of pimples.

Dehydrated Skin - If you want a natural, effective and inexpensive moisturizer for dry skin, use castor oil. Massage areas with dehydrated skin using castor oil preheated between the palms. Fatty acids in castor oil easily enter the skin and rehydrate it, giving it a velvety appearance.

Prevents stretch marks - These occur following pregnancy or a rapid shed. Stretch marks can be prevented, so if you're pregnant or if you're planning to have a drastic weight cure, use castor oil to provide elasticity to the skin on your belly and to prevent stretch marks. In the last two months of pregnancy, if applied on a daily basis, castor oil increases skin elasticity and stretch marks will not be a problem for you.

Hair Regeneration - Castor oil stimulates the growth of capillary adhesion, so if you want more and longer hair, massage your scalp with castor oil. It stimulates blood circulation, speeding up hair growth. At the same time, castor oil hydrates hair and prevents them from breaking.

Scalp infections - Scalp infections may cause dandruff, pruritus or even hair loss. Castor oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, so fighting with microorganisms that cause infections.

Medicinal benefits of castor oil

Disinfects wounds - Castor oil has antimicrobial properties, so it can be used successfully to heal superficial wounds, scratches or cuts. Being an effective anti-inflammatory, it also helps to relieve pain.

It works like a laxative - Since the Middle Ages, castor oil is used as a laxative. The ricinoleic acid in this oil is the one that has purgative effects. So castor oil is ideal for people who suffer from constipation.

Reduces joint pain - Castor oil used to massage joints reduces inflammation and pains that come with it.

What other benefits a castor oil has for face and skin

In the face, castor oil has many benefits:
Acne - The antibacterial and anti-microbial properties of castor oil make it an ally useful in the fight against acne. Ricinoleic acid can inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes acne.
Castor Oil: Benefits and Uses | Beauty Tips 2019

Face Skin Texture - Castor oil is very rich in other fatty acids, besides ricinoleic acid. These fats can have pleasant effects when applied to the face, making the skin soft and velvety.

Face color - Fatty acids in castor oil can also encourage the development of healthy skin tissues, so it's a useful ally for people who have uneven skin tones.

Sensitive skin - Castor oil has other good properties in the sense that there is very little risk that it blocks the pores of the skin and it also reduces the risk of developing black spots, making it an ally that can be used on sensitive skin.

As for the skin on the rest of the body, and in this case castor oil has rich properties:
It is a good anti-inflammatory - Both castor oil and ricinoleic acid have proven anti-inflammatory properties. This means they are useful in treating skin irritations.

It's an antimicrobial agent - At the same time, castor oil protects the skin against bacterial infections, keeping away microbes that can cause some problems.

A Hydrating Oil - Castor oil contains triglycerides, and they can help maintain moisture in the skin. For this reason, castor oil is a useful treatment for those with dry skin.

It has wetting properties - Castor oil also has moisturizing properties, which means it can "draw" the moisture from the air to the skin, keeping the skin hydrated.

Cleanse the skin well - Triglycerides found in castor oil are also useful in removing dirt from the skin.

How to use castor oil
Castor Oil: Benefits and Uses | Beauty Tips 2019

If you're wondering how to use a castor oil, you have to keep in mind a few things. It may take some time for the skin to absorb the castor oil completely, but if you dilute it with a carrier oil, it will speed up absorption into your skin.

So it can be diluted with other oils, such as olives or peanuts. The recommended ratio is 1: 1, which means that the amount of castor oil you dilute should be the same as the amount of carrier oil you mix.

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