Beauty Tips | 4 Ways to Reach the Peak of Beauty

Beauty Tips | 4 Ways to Reach the Peak of Beauty

Site tip: Get a peak of beauty without pain and quicker than you can imagine
To reach the peak of your beauty in the shortest possible time and the least pain, we introduce four methods to make one of them worry about standing up against the mirror, or being present with friends and colleagues and not criticizing them.

Beauty Tips | 4 Ways to Reach the Peak of Beauty

The brutal room mirror increases the number of wrinkles on your face. There are some special days that you wish to stand before at the peak of your beauty. You need to be beautiful because it's less likely to fail to meet your needs. Thinking and attacking the mind that you are criticized for your beauty will focus on a lot of energy and concentration and will affect your efforts to succeed and win. You are beautiful; definitely. There is no ugly face and only needs to be addressed. Maybe once you've damaged your face, but you're not supposed to be short of the good days of the future. You must achieve the goals and desires that you have planned for them. Having a little time and doing a series of things and paying attention to a series of issues can take away disturbing and negative thoughts and focus all your attention on the target.

In this article, we intend to introduce four ways to reach your peak in the shortest possible time and the least pain, so that by doing one of them, you will no longer have to face the mirror, or to be present with friends and colleagues and not criticize them. Be. Micro Nydling, Carboxy Therapy, Invisible Cotton Lift, and Hypothermia are among the methods used by the renowned beauty clinic under the supervision of Dr. Shams to have an unobtrusive face.

Beauty Tips 

Beauty Tips | 4 Ways to Reach the Peak of Beauty
Micro Nydling
Micro-Nydling produces collagenization by creating small holes in the epidermis and the dermis. In this method, vitamin and also hyaluronic acid can be introduced into the dermal layer of the skin. This method can be used to remove the scar tissue, to remove old bruises, and to remove scratches from the skin, caused by weight gain and weight loss.
The number of sessions required depends on the size and location of the wound, and usually several treatment sessions are required. Redness remains and the risk of infection is short and skin is quickly restored.

Micron-eating disorders are similar to other skin disorders, pregnancy and lactation, skin cancer, coagulation disorders, history of colloid and immune system disorders or active infection, such as herpes. Keep in mind that localized anesthetics can also be used to control the microdermabelling pain.


In the carboxytherapy method, the CO2 gas is injected into the skin, which causes the oxygen attached to the hemoglobin in the tissue to be separated and the carbonic gas is connected to the hemoglobin and the oxygen is released. Releasing oxygen stimulates fibroplast cells, collagen, and skin lifting and stretching.
This brief method of burning and pain in the injection site is transient and is delayed after several hours. Carboxytherapy also helps to repair loose skin and, on the other hand, is very suitable for reducing the sterea laryngeal lines or slimming obesity lines.
Another use of carboxytherapy is the improvement of eczema during several sessions and is also effective in the treatment of chronic pain such as rheumatic pain.
The duration of the treatment and the total number of sessions are based on the cause and the target is different.
Beauty Tips | 4 Ways to Reach the Peak of Beauty

An uncomplicated and outpatient treatment is considered to be the hallmark of carboxytherapy.
Other advantages of this method include:

  • Alopecia and hair loss Cellulitis and obesity in the thigh and thigh and abdomen by breaking the fat cells
  • Elimination of stereotypes due to pregnancy or obesity
  • Treat acne and facial wrinkles
  • Recurrent eczema treatment and plaque psoriasis
  • Fix blur and puffiness around the eyes
  • Treatment of back wrinkles

It is worth mentioning that if carboxytherapy is performed in conjunction with other methods, such as radiofrequency RF RF, hyphomicrography and mesotherapy, then the result is much better. Avoiding bathing and swimming during the day Carboxytherapy will take care of your carboxytherapy.
Invisible yarn

The cotton yarn is able to provide a suitable lift for those groups who are unwilling to perform a classic-style surgery for many reasons.
This method is used to reduce wrinkles in the face and body, a significant reduction in the lines of laughter and marionitis, decreasing sagging, eyebrow lift and neck, and even today, for vaginal lifting and arms.
Beauty Tips | 4 Ways to Reach the Peak of Beauty

There is no surgical procedure, anesthesia and surgery room, prolonged rest and severe infection, because the yarns after the skin are placed inside the skin increases the blood flow and builds up collagen and lift in the body, which is It reduces wrinkles.
Crisp lift causes tightening of the skin, lightening and lifting the face and body. In this method, through the small cuts, barbed threads for lifting and raising the facial and eyebrow skin are used.
The best age to carry cotton yarn is between women and men aged 28 to 65. 50% of the final result is visible on the same day of operation, and within 3 to 6 months this process will be completed, which will last from 1.5 to 2 years.

The duration of this operation is 45 minutes and the patient can be discharged immediately. This method does not require anesthesia and can be done by injection of topical anesthetic.
Prior to this, facial lift was used from surgery, laser, and RF (frequency radio), which was accompanied by a lot of complications and a scar, and in laser and RF, the energy of the device to reach collagen network under the skin should pass through the surface of the skin.

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