6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019

6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019 

In the following lines, I will remind you of 6 already known but extremely important tips that improve the level of well-being and create harmony in your life.

We've probably read those tips for so many times, yet in the fast pace of life and everyday routine we forget about them too soon, then we wonder why we feel tired and unhappy. It holds something like a scratch; For our health and well-being, we can do the most for ourselves. No one else can assume responsibility for us.

1. Drink enough water
6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019

The human body is made up of 70% water, so the introduction of water for our existence and our health is of paramount importance. To maintain our health we need to drink 1.5 to 3 liters of water per day. If during our work we always forget to drink again, we put a bottle of fresh water on the workplace. Whenever we look at this bottle, you will always remember to drink.

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The body's needs for water vary according to our age, season, and physical activity. In summer, we need more water than in winter, during the day more than at night. Also, the type of diet affects the needs of water. If we enjoy dry, salty foods, we will need more water than if we eat foods with a high content of water, such as fruits and vegetables.

Why is drinking water so important?

water from the press - other artificial drinks cause us thirst,
our body works better if it has enough water,
enough water in our body increases our concentration, resistance to disease,
water is important in decomposition of food in the body, in metabolism and digestion,
with the help of water in the body, we regulate body temperature,
enough water for the body removes insomnia.

2. We offer regular meals with fresh and varied food

The fact that it is eaten several times a day is not true. When you take at least 3 - 5 meals a day, you will get rid of it in order to accumulate stocks in the form of fats. This is probably all the sparrows, but the vegetables and fruits we produce ourselves, at home, without sprays and pesticides, are the best food that we can eat at any time.
6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019

The best food for our body is one by which we feel rested, nourished, light and have the feeling that it gives us energy, without taking it. Books on this subject are countless, various diets and ways of eating too. Throughout this flood of information, you need to remain faithful to yourself and your body. Everything else is then arranged by itself. The body always tells us what it really is and what it does not. We just have to listen.

3. Let's sleep
6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019

Sleep is the time in which the body regenerates, consolidates memories and accumulates energy. During sleep, many processes take place that are necessary for normal functioning. Sleep preserves the health and balance of the body, mind and spirit. Sleep affects the well-being of a person and can not function without him. It is important that our sleep is refreshing and refreshing to wake up in the morning and to get full energy into a new day.

Some tips to burn better:

I set the hour for sleep and the hour of getting up and keep it as strict as possible, even on weekends,
do not use a computer one hour before bedtime,
one hour before bedtime we do not work intensively,
we create an appropriate sleeping environment - the room should be darkened and silent,
Let us be aware that no beverage or vitamins can replace sleep.

4. Let's be physically active

If only we can be active in the fresh air and in the embrace of nature. It is also important that we find the activity (exercise) that is most appropriate for us, and, of course, with it we achieve, what we gave to it. When choosing an activity, we also listen to ourselves, our own body, and choose the activity that gives us energy, without feeling even worse and tired.
6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019

Personally, I am one of the better yoga activities. I do not balance this workout and I only consolidate my body. At the same time, I also influence my mind and spirit with yoga. In yoga I found a place for myself, where I can enter after a busy and busy day. When I combine yoga with walking in the mountains and cycling, I make for my body and soul all that they need.

5. Let us pour out our body, mind and spirit

Let's have a piece of paradise on earth, let's have a massage. The massage for millennia is famous for its beneficial effect on our physical health and well-being. Massage is a kind of meditation and in everyday fast pace of life it is welcomed to restore the harmony of the body, the clarity of reason and inner peace. When our mind calms down and the body is released, treatment begins. The body, the mind and the soul connect in harmony.
6 Tips For a Longer and Healthier Life | Healthy Life 2019

When we take a massage and give in to relaxation, this helps us to enjoy our excellent well-being that we need for everything we do in life.

6. Let's do what pleases and inspire us

If we do what we do only as one more service, the level of energy with which we create a zero or even negative. Whatever we do, do it with positive, inspired, creative energy, even if it's a baking baking or a whole company's management.

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