10 Korean Beauty Secrets That Every Girl Needs To Know | Beauty Tips 2019

10 Korean Beauty Secrets That Every Girl Needs To Know | Beauty Tips 2019

If you are fashion, style, or beauty obsession like us, you are probably aware that Asia is often a decade ahead of the western hemisphere when it comes to trends and products. Pastel hair dyes are a hit on the Internet hard, but have been popular in Japan for years! Recently, no country more than Korea has dominated the beauty and Skincare game. Every company from Sephora to Chanel began to raise Korea's beauty trends to make them ubiquitous and chic. If you are not familiar with the beautiful enjoyment of the Korean beauty of the regime, then relax, throw the mask on the leaf, and keep reading!
10 Korean Beauty Secrets That Every Girl Needs To Know | Beauty Tips 2019

Sheet Masks

You probably saw them during Instagram, or sell individually packaged in a pass-through-money drain in local Sephora. Sheet masks are masks that come packaged and distributed evenly on thin pastel paper. Just like any good mask, some exfoliation, some rejuvenate some moisturizer - but they all make you feel like a queen. They are so easy to use, as well - they run, smooth out the skin, take a few Samsis, and watch an episode on Bachelorette. Rinse, and just try to stop the touching Rose-petals-smooth skin!

Soft, straight eyebrows

The popular Korean eyebrows are very different from the lively, harsh Instagram cell that has brought the attention of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Instead, Korean makeup gurus like very soft, straight, and full eyebrows. They created these eyebrows with a pencil, and they are often ashier in color. It is important to use small blows and build it slowly - the goal is to keep your eyebrows as natural as possible.

Double cleaning

This is another important Korean secret beauty. Korean ladies take care of their skin very seriously, and a part of this skin care product involves a very rigid but gentle cleansing method. Double cleaning is exactly what sounds like - cleaning twice. Korean cleaners are often based on oil, and the first cleaning aims to remove makeup and impurities, and the other is to mildly scrub. Due to oil, double cleaning will not remove the skin of its natural moisture, and will leave this feeling elastic and smooth. Always keep up with good cream!
10 Korean Beauty Secrets That Every Girl Needs To Know | Beauty Tips 2019

Lip stains

The stains are certainly nothing new for us - the ancient Romans have been using "stains" from berries, like lipstick and blush for centuries! However, the Korean way is very unique - it involves creating a gradient. This trend is called "caressed" of the lips, and requires a concealer around the edges of the lips with a soft lip stain in the center, stacked outwardly. It creates a very natural looking finish, and it will not get everything over a glass of wine!

Spongy blush and foundation

Another of the Korean cosmetic secrets is the sponge blush and the foundation of the trend. We are obsessed! Here is the concept: instead of your blush or foundation, it is packed as liquid, powder, or foam, it does not arrive (always with a cutest package), like a pillow - just like a pad of ink in the ink! Pressing the cushion frees the product, and you can use any tool you want to apply on the face. The best thing about this packaging method is a construction product, and "less is more" the mentality surrounds it. Your skin will have the most refreshing fresh glow (glossy skin is the cornerstone of Korean beauty), and you will never see cakes anymore.

HB Cream

HB Cream, Called Against Acne Balm or Beauty Balm infiltrated beauty in North America and Europe several years ago - and nobody recalled by. In case you were hiding under the wall somewhere BB cream is a magical combination of lightweight humidifiers and foundations. And sunscreens, and toners, and primers, and serums. Yes, it basically does everything. When applied, what creates light, even the coverage on your skin without it looks less like ... Well, the skin. Your whole natural shine continues to shine through - which is the best part about it, in our humble opinion.

KZ cream

This is like BB cream, but more intense. KZ Cream has a cream, and it tends to tinted coverage, but it is full of ekfoliants and skin saving vitamins. The most important difference, however, is that KZ often denotes the Color Corrector - CC creams often have color correction elements to fight redness from the streak, or under eye circles. Both HB cream and CC cream vary from brand to mark, so it's important to test some of them, grab some samples, and find favorites.
10 Korean Beauty Secrets That Every Girl Needs To Know | Beauty Tips 2019

The next one of Korean cosmetic secrets is the essence. Korean for skin care is so futuristic; you have products (probably) they have not heard! Do not worry, essences are simple and completely useful. In essence, the essence of the product is to stimulate cell regeneration and exfoliate gently. It should be used after cleaning, and it hydrates, ekfoliates, illuminations, and firms. Something like toner, but much better!


Korean Beauty Salons Accepting Incredibly Good Care of Your Skin - This includes and the storage is protected from UV rays. Brands like Shiseido and Biore have incredible light protective lotions (both with high UV and PA indexes) that are comedogenic and sit well under the makeup. Often, many BB and CC creams come with sunscreens already included, but it's not too late to add more

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